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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Climbing Tree values providing services in a specific niche to best serve the population in need. Hopefully these FAQ can clarify if this is the right clinic for your family. 

Do you provide occupational therapy services for fine motor or sensory concerns?

Yes! The Climbing Tree will address fine and visual motor deficits as well as sensory processing challenges; however, most clients at The Climbing Tree are referred to us to address difficulties related to mental wellness, specifically: social emotional skills, regulation, trauma, anxiety, depression, and to improve self-efficacy and awareness. That being said, it is not uncommon for us to address fine and visual motors skills in addition to mental health. When mental health has declined, nearly all areas of function are impacted. In therapy, we dig deeper to see what may be suffering (e.g. self-care, focus, peer interactions, writing, etc.) in addition to our state of regulation. Ultimately, we prioritize the therapeutic relationship and address needs as able. There are many great OT clinics in the Magic Valley and we are happy to point families in a different direction should the need arise.

What is animal-assisted therapy? 

When appropriate or desired, we use animals of all sorts (e.g. squirrels, dogs, livestock, etc.) to further strengthen the therapeutic response to interventions. Animals naturally reduce our stress response and provide coregulation for those with disorganized nervous systems. The Climbing Tree partners with a local non-profit that rehabilitates wildlife which allows our clients to assist with the cleaning, feeding, and general caring for another creature in need of healing. 

The use of animals during OT sessions will be dependent on the needs and preferences of each individual child and family in addition to the well-being and needs of the animal(s) available. You may always opt out of animal interactions and engagement in animal-assisted therapy interventions. 

What are your clinic hours?

The Climbing Tree is by appointment only and does not have set, open clinic hours at this time. In order to book a session, we must receive a referral from your doctor for occupational therapy evaluation.

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