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Talk to your doctor about a referral for occupational therapy, then schedule an appointment with us!



Based on brain science, infancy is truly from birth to three. The Climbing Tree focuses on biologically normal infant sleep, social and emotional engagement, and navigating behaviors. We also address concerns regarding fine motor skills, sensory challenges impacting function, and general milestone achievements.

We value the role of parent engagement and bonding in the early years of development and ask parents remain an active role in all therapy sessions. 

Infant Massage Education also available. 


Often, children don’t know how to express themselves with words. We acknowledge the science-based belief that play is the main occupation of children. Our therapies utilize: sand or rice trays, stories, expressive and processed art, dolls, blocks, board games and more—to help children share what’s happening in their brains and bodies. When children’s hands are busy, their brains are free to process deep emotional issues. Using fidget toys, balls and movement helps facilitate the process. To address profound trauma and help children process emotionally difficult memories, we use body-based therapy and other evidence-based practices.

We may also utilize the nature-based playground for sensory exploration and regulation strategies to improve the outcomes of self-reflection and awareness. 



For many teenagers, the comfort or nostalgia of childhood pulls against the fear of being viewed as childish. This tension makes it difficult for teens to respond to traditional therapy. We use therapeutic conversation and self-reflection paired with fidget toys or sensory bins to let their inner child know that it’s safe to open up–and safe for them to make their own decisions. A key development milestone for teens is finding their place in the world as a differentiated individual. We help them take this important leap with reflective listening, mindfulness, exploring novel hobbies, and building self-efficacy. 

The Climbing Tree also provides therapy for at-risk youth and foster care families.


When appropriate and desired, The Climbing Tree may use domestic, livestock, and/or wild animals to further strengthen the therapy outcome. Animals naturally reduce our stress response and provide coregulation for those with disorganized nervous systems. The Climbing Tree partners with a local non-profit that rehabilitates wildlife. Our clients are allowed to assist with the cleaning, feeding, and general caring for another creature in need of healing. 


Some possible animal encounters may be:

• Dogs • Cats • Squirrels • Bunnies • Goats

• Raccoons • Skunks • Ducks • Chickens 

Love for animals
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